For the last 11 years we have been producing high quality products for various French brands. The accumulated experience inspired us to create the brand MONIK PARIS, which combines fashion art, details and the best fabrics.

In 2019 we started with a small production line in a small neat town in the northern part of Bulgaria. The main idea behind the success of the brand was to offer the most beautiful and stylish models at the fairest price. In the beginning of 2020 many of our clients from the world of fashion, art and show business compared us to world famous brands and we decided that our products deserve a wider stage. So we made a move and started online sales in fashion Europe.

We had to think outside of the box and to find a way to offer the European fashion scene a new and unique vision. The solution was to bring together our own production with selected manufacturers for whom precision, accuracy and quality come first.

Today MONIK PARIS offers the European woman creativity, intelligence, confidence and comfort. All our models are specially selected and unique, thanks to the deep connection with our customers, which is the most important for the successful development of the brand. Together with our partners, we create new collections 4 times a year so that our wonderful clients can be confident in all aspects of their existence, adventurous, sweet and romantic.