Terms & Conditions 

General Terms & Conditions for the buying and selling of goods via an ecommerce website. 
General Terms & Conditions of the contract for buying and selling remotely according to consumer protection law between 

MONIK PARIS LTD.  Registered at Ruse, Bulgaria EIK (VAT registered?)  205614463 with headquarters’ address – 2 Ilinden Str., Ruse, Bulgaria, from hereon forward referred to as ‘The Seller’, and 

The Customer agreeing to the General Terms & Conditions, from hereon forward referred to as ‘The Customer’, with regards to purchasing goods via the online shop www.monik-paris.com. 


S1 The Seller gives the opportunity to the Customer to purchase goods from the www.monik-paris.com website, provided the Customer agrees to the Terms & Conditions. 

S2 The Seller is using www.monik-paris.com to publish information with regards to the general specifications and appearance of the goods according to the information provided by the manufacturer of the aforementioned goods;
the selling price, inclusive of VAT, the delivery charges, not included in the selling price; 
information on payment options, delivery of goods and acting upon the contract; 
the consumer rights as well as the cancellation and returns policies; 
the period for which the offered price is valid; 
the minimum duration of the contract – applicable to contracts of constant or periodical delivery of services or goods; 
any other information which the Seller is obliged to share with the Customer prior to the latter making a purchase according to Bulgarian Law; 

S3 In order to be able to place an order at www.monik-paris.com , the Customer is required to fill in an online registration form. When filling in the registration form, the Customer is required to provide  accurate information that is true to their knowledge as well as to update any changes within 7 days of their occurance. The Customer guarantees that the data they provide when registering is accurate and, if any of their circumstances change, they will update their profile accordingly. On the occasion that the Customer provides incorrect information, or their information in not updated in accordance with any changes to their circumstances, the Seller has the right to terminate the contract and the access to the Customer’s profile without any prior notice. Prior to any termination of the contract occurring, the Customer is at freedom to change any of the information on their profile. 

S4 When registering the Customer automatically agrees to the Terms & Conditions and is bound by these. Once registered, the Customer also has the opportunity to purchase goods through the website www.monik-paris.com.

S4.1 By registering, the Customer gives consent to receive promotional emails from www.monik-paris.com. On the occasion that the Customer doesn’t want to receive any promotional information, they need to express their wish in writing to info@monik-paris.com

S5 The Customer can gain access to the platform for purchasing goods from www.monik-paris.com without having to register a profile. The buying of goods can be actioned by: choosing the type and size of the goods required and clicking the button “Buy” located next to the relevant goods, followed by determining the quantity required and the preferred payment method as well as clicking the button “Complete Your Purchase”. Once an online order has been submitted, the Customer will receive confirmation from www.monik-paris.com via the email address they have provided. A representative from the ecommerce shop will be in touch with regards to delivery lead times. If any of the information provided is incorrect, the Seller reserves the right to invalidate the order and not complete it. The placing and confirmation of an order creates a binding contract. 

S6 All prices are in Bulgarian Lev, inclusive of VAT. The prices listed are per piece and not inclusive of delivery charges. When an order has been confirmed as well as the price and quantity of the items desired and it has been agreed so, the Seller will cover the delivery charges. If the Customer prefers to use a different currency, they need to undertake actions to confirm with a representative from the ecommerce shop the final price in the desired currency.

S7 The price of the goods as per S6, as well as the delivery charges, can be paid for in one of the following ways: payment on delivery, bank transfer, or another way agreed between the parties. Whatever the chosen option, the Customer agrees to pay for the price of the goods as well as the delivery charges not included in the price of such and in relation to the delivery of the aforementioned goods. The Customer is not obliged to pay for delivery charges in cases when placing valid orders for a particular number of items and the payment for such items, the quantity of which is to be finalised by means of communication between the Customer and the Seller, and the Seller a agrees to pay for the delivery charges

S8 The goods purchased will be delivered in appropriate packaging & appropriate distribution arrangements will be made to ensure the delivery at the required address is actioned within a reasonable delivery window, priorly agreed between www.monik-paris.com and the Customer.

S9 The goods will be delivered to the Customer's address and can be accepted by either the Customer or a third party authorised to do so on their behalf.. When accepting the goods, the Customer or their representative need to sign the documentation accompanying the delivery which serve as delivery confirmation receipt. On the occasion that the Customer is not available to take the delivery within the agreed delivery timeframe, or alternative access to the property is not provided for delivering the purchase, the Seller is no longer required to deliver the goods. The Customer can confirm their wish to receive the goods after the expiry of the delivery window and all attempts made to deliver the purchase, provided that the Customer pays for the further attempts for delivering the goods. On such occasions, once the redelivery has been agreed, a new delivery timeframe begins. 

S10 The Seller is required to: transfer the physical goods at the price and quantity agreed to the Customer or their representative, with the delivery of the goods; to deliver within a timeframe the goods bought; to ensure reasonable due diligence is exercised in fulfilling their duties. 

S11 The Seller reserves the right to: 

Include forwarding links to other webpages and resources for the selling of goods and services by third parties, inclusive of electronic forwarding towards other websites and in their customer profile; 

To send newsletters to the Customer, to which they have subscribed; 
To collect and use information from their customers, once the latter have created a profile. The information used can include but is not limited to: full names, address, occupation, gender, age group, contact number, email address, for correspondence and any other information provided during the registration process or while using any other services provided by the Seller such as taking part in promo events, raffles, competitions, the filling in of feedback forms or questionnaires or similar, provided that the Seller uses this information in accordance with GDPR. 

S12 The Seller: 

Undertakes the duty to ensure that the information provided in the ecommerce shop is always correct to their knowledge but cannot guarantee that all the information is always full and reliable; 

Cannot be held responsible for not allowing access to the ecommerce shop as well as not fulfilling of the orders or the fulfilment of such outside the agreed timeframe, provided that circumstances out the Seller ’s control are preventing them from doing so such as force majeure circumstances which include but are not limited to: unexpected events, nature disasters, global Internet network breakdowns; 
the Seller cannot guarantee that access to the website will be uninterrupted, in a timely manner, or secure and glitch-free, if that is outside their reasonable capability or control to provide; 
if the Seller does not have the opportunity to change, control or has any influence on the quality, properties and expiry date of the requited by the Customer goods, they cannot be held responsible; 

Cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the software, hardware, any telecommunications or for the loss of data as a result of materials or resources, sought, restocked or used in any way as a result by the Seller; 

If the Seller cannot control the webpages or resources to which access can be gained as a result of electronic forwarding, they cannot be held responsible; 

Cannot be held responsible for the contradictory content on the aforementioned webpages and resources; 
Cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or opportunities missed as a result of usage, the access of or the unreliable information provided by those websites; 
has no obligation or the opportunity to control the way in which the Customer uses the ecommerce shop; 

S13 The Customer is obliged to: 

Provide the correct phone number, delivery address and email address for correspondence; 
Pay for the desired goods; 
Pay for the delivery of such goods, unless it has been agreed for these to be paid for by the Seller ;
Accept the goods ordered; 
Take reasonable care to protect their password; 
Not share their password or the answer to their security question with any third parties and, on the occasion that their account security has been compromised or there is a reason they believe it might be compromised in future, they need to immediately make the Seller aware; 
In accordance with Internet protocols, once access to their account is not required, to exit their profile via the “Exit” button; 
Not be placing dummy or invalid orders or any other false information. The Customer takes full responsibility for protecting their password as well as all actions taken by themselves or a third party using it; 


S14 The Customer has the right to: 

gain access to the Seller ’s website, in accordance with the relevant requirements for access, unless circumstances occur which are outside of the Seller ’s control such as Act of God, unpredicted events or global Internet Network breakdowns; 
access their personal data and amend it; 
has the right to refuse or return the ordered goods in accordance with Contract and Consumer Laws; 
to be reimbursed in full for any monies overpaid; 

S15 The Customer is required to: 

abide by the Seller ’s returns & exchanges policies, which can be found at www.monik-paris.com, and accept these policies; 
abide by Bulgarian Laws, these Terms & Conditions, Internet etiquette, and act bona fide; 
not break any third party’s tangible or intangible rights including intellectual property; 
to make the Seller aware as soon as possible of any illegal usage of the ecommerce shop; 
not get involved with the system’s way of working, inclusive of but not limited to, tangle with the process of identification of another user, not to attempt access of any parts of the website unauthorised, not to stop other users from using the website; 
not extract any information or part of informational resources belonging to the ecommerce shop’s database, and using the acquired information to create their own database in an electronic or any other means; 
not  impersonate another person, lawyer or a group of people they have no authority to represent, or in any other way create false identity of themselves or as representative of a group;
not cause any malicious acts in accordance with the Terms & Conditions. 

If the Customer does not abide by these requirements, the Seller reserves the right, without any prior notice, to end the user’s or any of their third parties’ access to their profile; The Seller reserves the right to ask for any compensation as a result of any damage caused, opportunities missed as a direct consequence of the Customer not adhering to the Terms & Conditions. On such occasions, the Seller has the right to involve the relevant government bodies to assist with establishing the wrongdoing. 

S16 When the contract between the parties has ended, the Seller undertakes the duty to deactivate the profile and erase the password allowing access to that profile. 

S17 The Customer can, at any time, request that their profile is deleted. On such occasions, the deletion will be acted upon only after all pending orders have been finalised and any outstanding balances settled. 

S18 The contract between the two parties can also be ended if any of the following circumstances occur: The Seller changes the nature of their business, the ecommerce shop becomes obsolete and no longer in use, with a week’s notice from the Customer, on the occasion that the Terms & Conditions are not adhered to or in any other unpredicted lawful way. 

S19 The Customer is obliged to reimburse the Seller and any third parties involved for any damage caused or opportunities missed, inclusive of any expenses and legal fees as a result of claims from any third parties in accordance with the non-compliance of the Customer with this contract, Bulgarian and any other relevant foreign laws, the Terms & Conditions or Internet etiquette. The Customer is also required to compensate the Seller for any damage caused as a result of the Customer sharing their password with a third party and the latter using it to cause damage. 

S20 The two parties agree that on the unlikely occasion that a part these Terms & Conditions is deemed obsolete, that will not deem the remaining parts of the Terms & Conditions irrelevant as each section corresponds to relevant laws which will prevail. 

S21 Any dispute arising between the parties will be dealt with in good faith. On the occasion that agreement cannot be reached, all disputes between the parties with regards to the contract, inclusive of disputes arising from its interpretation, misrepresentation, frustration or cancellation, as well as any disputes arising as a result of missing information or adjusting it to newly developed circumstances will be resolved in the relevant judiciary court in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

S22 The use of emails is allowed as substitution for correspondence in writing, the press of a button on the webpage with any contents that the Customer fills in or ticks in the relevant field and any similar actions following from the instructions outlined, are also deemed as correspondence in writing.

For the purpose of the Terms & Conditions, the below-mentioned terminology and expressions have the following meanings: 

“Website” is a site in the Global Internet Network, which can be accessed via it’s unique address (URL) with the protocols HTTP, HTTPS or any other standard protocol supporting files, programmes, text, sound, sound, images and other resources. 

“Ecommerce Shop” is the maintained part of the website www.monik-paris.com webpage for ecommerce – for the selling of goods from distance, goods which will be delivered after these have been purchased by the Customer. 

“Customer” is a person over the age of 18, or a lawyer registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and has agreed to the Terms and Conditions. 

“Customer Profile” is a part of the website containing information on the Customer, provided by themselves when registering and managed by www.monik-paris.com, and it can be accessed using a username and password. The profile gives the opportunity to the Customer to access and amend: the data registered, the address provided, their order history at www.monik-paris.com , their password, their subscriptions etc. 

“Username” is a chosen from the Customer unique code which consists of letters and/or numbers (their current email address), using which they activate their profile at www.monik-paris.com

“Password” is a chosen by the Customer combination of symbols which when used in conjunction with the Username serves to provide access and the opportunity to place orders at www.monik-paris.com

“Newsletter” is a regularly distributed publication concerning topics which may be of interest to the person subscribed.  

“Packaging” is any covering or materials used to protect and preserve the goods from damage that are offered to the customer. 

“Selling Price” is the final amount for a particular piece or a number of pieces or services inclusive of VAT and other taxes. 

“Unexpected Event” is an even that could not have been foreseen at the time the contract came into force, which makes is impossible to complete one’s duties as per the contract. 

“Electronic Forwarding” is the link in a particular webpage, which uses automatic forwarding to another webpage, informational resources or a site using standardized protocols. 

“Informational System/ System” is every separate device or a number of interconnected or similar devices which, when actioned in a particular programme, ensures or one of its elements ensures the automatic processing of data. 

“IP Address” is a unique identification number, associated with a particular computer, webpage or a resource of the Customer, in a way which allows to locate them in the Global Internet Network. 

“Commercial Facilities” are advertisement or other facilities, representing the goods directly or indirectly, the services or the reputation of a person in the commerce or manufacturing business or exercising a regulated profession. 

“Malicious Actions” are actions or the lack of such, not abiding by the Internet Etiquette or causing damage to other people, connected to Internet or associated networks, sending unwanted mail such as spam or junk mail, flooding of all channels, gaining access to resources with unauthorised rights and passwords, the usage of glitches in the system for one’s own personal benefit, hacking a system to access information, causing actions which can be deemed as spying or sabotage, the cracking of systems, sending Trojan Horses or installing viruses or systems for remote access, affecting the usage of other customers of Internet and associated networks, the conduct of any actions which can be deemed as criminal or admin breach according to the Bulgarian Constitution or any other laws. 


The General Terms & Conditions can be amended by the Seller, who after making any changes, is obliged to inform the Customer by sending an email or publishing the changes on the website. The changes in the general Terms & Conditions do not infringe on the relationship between the Seller and the Customer for orders successfully placed prior to any changes to the Terms & Conditions having been made. 

With regards to any unsettled or not covered business matters, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria apply.